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Taiwan's YUSCO stainless steel coil prices rose across the board in June

On the afternoon of May 28th, Taiwan's leading stainless steel factory, YUSCO, issued its June stainless steel coil reel price. Among them, 304 series for domestic sales rose 12,000 yuan (NTD) per ton, 430 series increased by 6,000 yuan per ton, 316L attached price increased by 2,000 yuan per ton; 304 series for foreign sales rose by US$400 to 450 per ton, and 430 series rose per ton. 150~200 US dollars, 316L attached price increased by 60 US dollars per ton.

Yusco said that the price increase is mainly due to: the rising prices of raw materials such as nickel, chromium and scrap steel have pushed up the purchase cost; the May hot-rolled stainless steel export quotation of Indonesia's Qingshan has increased by nearly US$300 per metric ton; the epidemic inoculation rate in Europe and America As the market is about to be completely unblocked, and various infrastructure constructions are actively promoted, the demand for steel has become stronger. Taiwan's stainless steel

upstream and downstream orders have recently become more fully loaded.

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