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Which Fields Are 304 Stainless Steel Pipes Used In?

304 stainless steel tubing is a common steel stainless steel type, also known as 18/8 stainless steel. It is a frequently used steeI because of its high temperature resistance, excellent processing performance, and good toughness. 304 stainless tubing, 304 stainless tubing sheet and 304 stainless steel coil and other construction materials are common in life. As a very important building material and indispensable materials for life, 304 stainless tubing is widely used in industry, construction industry, home decoration industry, food and medical industry. So what items in our lives are made of 304 stainless tubing?

Ⅰ. 304 stainless tubing is used in automobiles

304 stainless tubing has fastest development in the automobile industry. Over the past ten years, public transportation vehicles such as buses, subways, high-speed railway cars, and family cars have widely used stainless steel pipe materials!

Compared with traditional steel, SS 304 pipes can ensure high enough strength and weight ratio, which also has good plasticity, toughness, formability and weldability. It is the first choice for making car frames. The superior performance of stainless steel can create a car with light weight, strong resistance, high safety and long spanlife. Such a frame can be recycled for secondary use. Not only can save costs, but also save resources. And some other parts of auto parts are also made of stainless steel seamless pipe. Our stainless steel factory has a huge potential market in the entire automotive industry!

Ⅱ. 304 stainless tubing is used in bathrooms and kitchens

Because the family kitchen and bathroom are in a humid environment for a long time, ordinary steel pipes will rust after a period of use, and the service life will not be long, and it will affect the safety of home drinking water! Therefore, the 304 stainless tubing used here can guarantee long-term no rust, and the 304 stainless tubing itself has the corrosion resistance and tensile strength. Make 304 stainless tubing more and more popular in the field of home decoration!

Ⅲ. 304 stainless tubing is used in the water industry

In order to prevent water from being seriously polluted during storage and transportation, stainless steel pipes are generally used to store and transport water. Because 304 stainless tubing are resistant to rust, high temperature and pressure, and have good sanitary performance, 304 stainless tubing has slowly begun to be used in the industrial field.

In addition to common scenes in life, 304 stainless tubing is also used in some high-end mechanical fields, such as food industry, chemistry, medical equipment, aircraft exhaust pipes and so on. It can be seen that 304 stainless rubing has been widely used in heavy industry, light industry, daily necessities industry, and building decoration industries.

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