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International stainless steel forum announces 2021 best technology award, best market development award, safety award, sustainability award ownership

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) announced on May 25 the ownership of the 2021 Best Technology Award, Best Market Development Award, Safety Award and Sustainability Award.

Best Technology Award Winner

1. Gold Award: Columbus factory in South Africa under Acerinox. Reason for the award: Helping Betram to develop an efficient health system "Amalooloo" that prevents global (rural) health crises. All parts of the "Amalooloo" sanitary system are fixed together with 304 stainless steel fasteners and anti-theft bolts to ensure a stable and firm structure. The doors, door frames and metal trims are all made of 3Cr12 stainless steel.

2. Silver Award: Outokumpu. Reason for the award: STILRIDE electric motorcycle-unleash the full potential of the flat thin steel plate. The prototype of STILRIDE electric motorcycle adopts automatic robotic industrial origami technology, which can save material usage, welding processing and labor cost compared with traditional technology. The main construction material adopts high-strength stainless steel sheet to reduce weight.

3. Bronze Award: Pohang Steel. Reason for the award: Laser welded duplex stainless steel (329J4L) pipes were used to replace seamless duplex stainless steel pipes in heat exchangers in thermal power plants. This replacement can help users reduce manufacturing costs and shorten delivery time.

Winner of Best Market Development Award

1. Gold Award: Azerin Knox. Reason for the award: INAMESA stainless steel CNC bridge trough water well strainer.

2. Silver Award: Outokumpu. Reason for the award: The stainless steel ring structure filled with foam for the new generation of DLR cars. The ring structure of Outokumpu’s new nickel-free all-austenitic ultra-high-strength stainless steel Forta H500 makes this model a perfect combination of lightweight and safety.

3.1 Bronze Award: Aichi Steel. Reason for the award: Aichi International Convention and Exhibition Center uses stainless steel vertical green columns. In the humid environment with high wind pressure and salt damage, the core shaft as the main structure of the greening column is made of SUS316A stainless steel pipe, and the ring supporting the greening plate is made of SUS316 stainless steel angle steel.

3.2 Bronze Award: Amplang. Reason for the award: The recyclable and reusable 430DDQ stainless steel barrels used in Brazil to store and transport products. 430DDQ ferritic stainless steel replaces carbon steel or plastic used in the past, making the barrel cleaner, safer, lighter, more corrosion-resistant and durable, and can be reused.

Safety Award Winner

1. Gold Award: Nippon Steel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. Reason for award: improvement of "danger experience education" based on actual disasters.

2. Silver Award: Amplang. Reason for the award: COVID-19 management project.

3. Bronze Award: Columbus Factory in South Africa under the Acerinox. Reason for the award: Locking the reinforcement of key systems.

Sustainability Award Winner

1. Gold Award: Bahru Stainless Steel Plant in Malaysia under Acelinox. Reason for the award: making sticky bricks from pickling mud.

2. Silver Award: Azerin Knox. Reason for the award: to improve the efficiency of graphite electrodes in electric arc furnaces.

3. Bronze Award: North American Stainless Steel Company under Acerinox. Reason for the award: environmentally friendly reuse of the fire-resistant tundish lining.

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