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Stainless Steel SQUARE BAR

The allowable range of geometric shape deviation of stainless steel angle bar is also stipulated in the standard, which generally includes items such as curvature, edge width, edge thickness, top angle, theoretical weight, etc., and stipulates that stainless steel angle steel must not have significant torsion. We can provide various kind of square bars, such as 12mm square bar for different uses. 12mm square bar is a kind of steel material with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties, and 12mm square bar is widely used in many industries, and its excellent performance is very cost-effective.


What Is Square Bar?

Stainless steel square steel refers to a long strip of steel rolled or processed into a square section.

What Are The Features Of Stainless Steel Square Bar?

  1. 316L stainless steel square steel

    316L is molybdenum-containing stainless steel. Because the steel contains molybdenum, the overall performance of this steel is better than 310 and 304. Stainless steel has high temperature. When the concentration of sulfuric acid is lower than 15% and higher than 85%, 316L stainless steel has a wide range of uses. 316L stainless steel also has good resistance to chloride corrosion, so it is usually used in marine environments.

  2. 316 stainless steel square steel

    Because of the addition of Mo, its corrosion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance and high temperature strength are particularly good, and it can be used under harsh conditions; it has excellent work hardening properties (non-magnetic).

  3. 304L stainless steel square steel

    304L stainless steel square steel is a variant of 304 stainless steel with lower carbon content, due to the occasions where welding is required. The lower carbon content minimizes the precipitation of carbides in the heat-affected zone near the weld, and the precipitation of carbides may cause stainless steel to produce intergranular corrosion (welding erosion) in certain environments.

  4. 304 stainless steel square steel

304 stainless steel square steel is universal stainless steel. It is widely used to make equipment and parts that require good performance (corrosion resistance and formability). It is a grade of stainless steel produced in accordance with the American ASTM standard.

Processing Service Of Stainless Steel Square Bar

  1. Drawing deep processing

  2. 12mm square bar and other stainless steel square bar welding

  3. Cutting and punching

Applications Of Stainless Steel Square Bar

  1. 12mm square bar can be used in Vehicle/Automotive Industry

  2. 12mm square bar is widely applied in Water industry

  3. Stainless steel square bar can be used in construction industry

  4. Home appliance industry can also use 12mm and other square bar

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