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Matters Needing Attention When Processing and Polishing Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of metal material that is very commonly used now, and the specifications are very diverse. The shapes are mainly round tubes, square tubes and rectangular tubes, and the length is conventionally 6 meters. Stainless steel pipes need to be processed after they leave the factory before they can be used. What processing is generally required for stainless steel pipe?

1. What are the processing of stainless steel pipes?

It can only be used after the 6-meter-long stainless steel pipe is cut off as required. Commonly used cuttings are ordinary grinding wheel cutting, circular saw cutting and laser cutting. Laser cutting is the best. The stainless steel tube cut by laser has little loss, no burr and accurate size. The processing of stainless steel pipes also includes the treatment of the surface of stainless steel pipe.

(1) Mirror surface treatment of stainless steel tube: Treat the surface of the stainless steel tube very brightly to achieve the effect of a mirror.

(2) Wire drawing treatment: Make the surface of the stainless steel tube appear matte.

(3) Titanium plating: The stainless steel pipe is originally colorless, and titanium plating makes the surface of the stainless steel pipe color.

(4) Spray paint.

When using stainless steel pipe, it needs to be bent or rounded. Stainless steel is malleable and can be machined into a variety of shapes. Stainless steel pipe welding is also a very important stainless steel pipe processing. Stainless steel pipes have very good weldability. By welding stainless steel pipes, the products we need can be made.

2. Matters needing attention when polishing stainless steel pipe

The stainless steel pipe looks black, probably because the raw material of the stainless steel pipe is not good. If the stainless steel tube is produced with inferior stainless steel strip, or the thickness of the stainless steel tube is too thin or too thick, with scratches, pits, scratches, blisters, etc., the produced stainless steel tube will have a low gloss and appear black. It could also be because of the polish. There is a problem with the stainless steel pipe, which causes the surface of the produced stainless steel pipe to be dull and the gloss is not high. So what should be paid attention to when polishing stainless steel pipe?

(1) Select stainless steel of appropriate thickness. The thickness is between 0.52 and 1.1mm. In this way, the polishing effect of the stainless steel pipe will be good, and the gloss will be very high.

(2) When polishing stainless steel pipes by machine, not only the surface of stainless steel welded pipes should be cleaned, but also the operator's hands should be cleaned to prevent dust and particles from affecting the polishing effect. In order to improve the polishing effect, we should try to avoid using some methods or even tools that are easy to generate heat. Among them, the heat generated by the polishing wheel can easily cause "orange peel".

(3) When polishing stainless steel pipes, the polished steel pipes should be fixed to avoid damage to the surface or workpiece during processing. Each polishing time should not be too long. Because if the stainless steel tube is polished for too long, it will cause "orange peel" and "pitting" on the surface of the stainless steel pipe, which will affect the appearance after polishing. When shutting down after the polishing process, carefully inspect the surface of the workpiece, remove all abrasives and lubricants, and finally apply a mildew and rust-resistant coating.

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