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Checkered Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless steel anti-skid board, as the name suggests, this anti-skid board has the characteristics of anti-skid, rust-resistant, anti-corrosion, and durable and beautiful in appearance. In addition, the hole pattern has raised herringbone, raised cross pattern, and round shape, all are CNC punching. The unique diamond-shaped mouth design can provide all-round and safe anti-skid performance, which is 10%-180% higher than other anti-skid boards. You are welcome to contact us know more about steel checker plate info and prices.


What Do We Usually Use Checkered Stainless Steel Plate?

Anti-skid boards are often used on work platforms, industrial workshop floors, narrow passages, terraces, warehouses, sidewalks and stair treads. It can also be used in equipment and production facilities, such as industry, trade, public facilities, mobile and fixed equipment, mostly used in stairs and safety passages, fire passages in residential buildings, kitchen equipment, radio frequency equipment, elevators, staircase medical equipment and other non-slip equipment fields.

Material selection

The application of anti-skid plates is very wide, and different materials will be selected for different environments. On this point, customers can communicate with the seller before purchasing to confirm which product is most suitable for them.

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