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What Are the Characteristics of Stainless Steel Tubes?

Any steel that is open at both ends and has a hollow section, and whose length is larger than the circumference of the section, can be called a steel pipe. When the length is small compared with the perimeter of the section, it can be called a pipe section or a pipe fitting, and they all belong to the category of pipe products.

Ⅰ. Know the stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel pipe itself is a kind of economical section steel that saves metal. It is an important part of high-efficiency steel. Our stainless steel pipe is in great demand especially in oil drilling, smelting and transportation industries, followed by geological drilling, chemical industry, construction industry, machinery industry, aircraft and automobile manufacturing, as well as boilers, medical equipment, furniture and bicycle manufacturing, etc.  In recent years, with the development of new technologies such as atomic energy, rockets, missiles, and aerospace industries, stainless steel pipes have become more and more important in the defense industry, science and technology, and economic construction.

Stainless steel pipes attach great importance to product quality. When choosing stainless steel pipes from stainless steel factory, the working conditions of the stainless steel material, the basic properties of the steel and the relevant use experience are generally weighed, and then the available steel grades are selected. In the absence of practical experience for reference, the preliminary selection of stainless steel welded pipe materials is carried out through simulation tests or on-site suspension tests, and the final selection is carried out based on these test results. For some particularly important engineering applications, material selection conclusions can be drawn through simulation tests.

Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of stainless steel pipes?

1). Distortion: At the construction site, due to the limitation of construction site, space and construction tools, construction personnel often use the plasticity of stainless steel pipes instead of forcibly constructing according to construction specifications. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the distortion factors at the connection of pipes and pipe fittings.

2).  Because it is lighter, it can be easily transported and constructed and reduce costs. ss 304 sheet price is competitive, and it has excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, and only needs about one-third of the thickness of galvanized steel pipe. Therefore, the weight of the pipe is greatly reduced, and the cost is also reduced, which makes the transportation easier and the installation more convenient.

3). Good corrosion resistance: Because a thin protective film will be formed on the surface of the stainless steel pipe, although the protective film is about 3×10-6 mm, it is very strong. Even if it is damaged, as long as there is oxygen next to it, it is It can be regenerated immediately to prevent rust. As long as you know the characteristics of stainless steel and use it correctly, there is almost no need to worry about rusting in water pipes or hot water up to 100°C under less corrosive conditions, and there is no need to worry about galvanized steel pipes. The common phenomenon of rusty protrusions caused by the decrease of the inner diameter or the increase of the resistance, etc., can obtain the water flow without clogging.

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