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Case Study1

As an excellent functional material and structural material, stainless steel is used in industry and construction.

Can play a role, and the application fields are becoming more and more extensive.

Water pipes made of stainless steel have many advantages. The biggest among them are hygiene and environmental protection (stainless steel is 100% recycled product), and long service life (generally up to 80 to 100 years). Stainless steel water pipes are the best direct drinking water delivery pipes. In addition, the leakage rate of stainless steel water pipes is very low, which can save precious water resources. In Japan in the 1980s, the water leakage rate of water pipes was around 17%, and the water leakage rate dropped to 7% after switching to stainless steel pipes. The local water supply system was damaged in the Hanshin earthquake in Japan, but the stainless steel water pipe system was intact. In addition, compared with copper water pipes, stainless steel water pipes have better water permeability and will not corrode at high flow rates. Its heat preservation is also 24 times that of copper pipes.

Another application area is construction, especially public facilities such as bridges. Ordinary steel bars manufactured by stainless steel factory have poor corrosion resistance, and bridges and other facilities have to be overhauled every 20 years or so. For example, an overpass in Beijing had to be scrapped and rebuilt after the steel bars were corroded and expanded after just 20 years. However, because of the excellent corrosion resistance of stainless steel bars, the maintenance cost during the entire life of the bridge is very low. If you consider the entire life cycle, its cost is the lowest.

The car body structure is made of high-strength stainless steel, which can reduce the weight of the vehicle by 25% and enhance the structural strength of the car body. The car body made of stainless steel spot welding can absorb collision energy. After being impacted, the car body is not easily deformed, and the use of stainless steel as the vehicle panel and decorative parts can greatly reduce the maintenance cost. In addition, stainless steel is widely used in automobile exhaust systems because of its resistance to chloride ions, corrosion and heat resistance.

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