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Punched Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless steel perforated plate is also called perforated plate. It is formed by punching holes in different materials. Common materials are mostly stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper, etc. The different metal plates in the process can reach the appropriate size through different Jane Eyre. Perforate on the CNC machine tool to obtain the ideal pattern effect.


How To Classify Punched Stainless Steel Plate?

  1. Round hole stainless steel punching plate

  2. Square hole stainless steel punching plate

  3. Special-shaped stainless steel punching plate

  4. Microporous stainless steel punching plate

  5. Non-slip stainless steel punching plate

  6. Road guidance, soundproof stainless steel punching board

Where Can the Punched Stainless Steel Plate Be Used?

  1. Used in civil construction

  2.  Used for the protection of unloading equipment

  3. Used in the manufacture of handicrafts

  4. Used for high-end speaker grille

  5. Used for food ventilation and heat dissipation

  6. Used for bridge corridors as steel bars

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