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Stainless Steel Strip

Stainless Steel Strip

Stainless Steel Strip

What Are The Characteristics of Stainless Steel Strip?

Same as other materials, the physical properties of stainless steel strip mainly include the following three aspects: thermodynamic properties such as melting point, specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity and linear expansion coefficient; electromagnetic properties such as resistivity, conductivity and permeability and mechanical properties such as Young’s modulus of elasticity and stiffness coefficient. These properties are generally considered to be the inherent characteristics of stainless steel materials, but they are also affected by factors such as temperature, degree of processing, and magnetic field strength. Normally, compared with pure iron, stainless steel has lower thermal conductivity and higher electrical resistance, while the linear expansion coefficient and magnetic permeability are different depending on the crystal structure of the stainless steel itself.

How To Classify the Stainless Steel Strip?

There are so many kind of stainless steel strip. We will list them in the following contents.

A. Cole rolled stainless steel strip

Its raw material is stainless coil, rolled into strip by cold rolled mill at room temperature, its thickness is 0.1mm-3mm and width is 100mm-2000mm, you can decide the length by yourself. Cold rolled stainless strip has smooth and flat surface, dimensional accuracy and good mechanical properties, most of the products are in rolls, which can be processed into coates steel sheets.

B. Hot rolled stainless steel strip

Hot rolled stainless steel strip, its thickness is always in 1.8mm--6.0mm, and width is in 50mm--1200mm, its advantages are low hardness, easy processing and good ductility.

C. Silicon Steel Strip

Grain oriented silicon steel strip, also known as cold-rolled silicon steel strip for telecommunication industry, is a kind of silicon steel strip with grain oriented structure and thickness no more than 0.20 mm, which is used to manufacture various power transformers, pulse transformers, magnetic amplifiers, converters and other iron cores with working frequency above 400 Hz.

How To Classify the Stainless Steel Strip?
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